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Wondering how to grow your cloud?

Maybe you’re running some of your organisation’s IT systems in the cloud now, and you need some help in taking the next step in your journey – migrating those last few systems and expanding your cloud footprint. Now is the time to bring in more applications and features, and roll out more benefits to wider areas of your business.

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Looking to improve your cloud?

Some businesses lack the technical expertise and capacity to operate cloud infrastructure, tools, and applications, while others may have the ability, but prefer to maintain focus on their core business instead. Regardless of where you sit, we can introduce the management tools and skills that will elevate the impact of cloud on your business.

Improve my cloud

How IAXS can help

Driving service excellence with next generation cloud operations management

‘Keeping the lights on’ has never been easier, with the increasing maturity of cloud technologies driving commensurate improvements in system availability. However, the transition to a cloud-based operations model is far from simple; new technologies require a new approach in terms of the skills, tools and the day-to-day support and administrative activities that are essential to every organisation.

Many IT departments struggle to find the time and the budget to re-train staff on new technologies and ways of working, to evaluate and deploy new cloud-focused orchestration tools, and to restructure their team to ensure that they’re able to meet the expectations of their clients.

Businesses want to realise the benefits of the cloud, such as scalability, flexibility and an on-demand subscription model, without the challenge and expense of managing it themselves. Some businesses lack the expertise and capacity while others may have the ability but prefer to focus on their core business instead.

Our next generation cloud services help organisations maintain and expand their existing environments by improving performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness, and providing an enterprise-grade orchestration capability to simplify the day-to-day management overhead.

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Manage upgrades, expansion and changes to your cloud without disruption

We have a team of specialist professional services consultants with a wealth of experience in successfully delivering IT projects in alignment with industry best practices such as Prince2 and Agile, including cloud deployments and migrations, infrastructure consolidations, and outsourcing transitions.

We can either work alongside your internal team to augment their capabilities by providing additional resources or filling a skills gap, or we can take full responsibility for delivering projects in accordance with a pre-defined statement of works.

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Giving your users a fantastic, feature-filled cloud experience

The end user experience is arguably the most important aspect of any technology solution, which is reflected in the IAXS approach to Service Management; we combine a high performance customer services team with a range of cutting-edge tools to deliver a superior and consistent end-user experience.

Our processes are aligned to industry best practices including the ITIL framework, but we also believe in working closely with our customers to design bespoke service models that work for them. We can also provide a team of specialist Service Delivery consultants to help re-align your Service Management function to support the adoption of cloud services.

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Simplifying security and compliance in the Cloud

We work with a network of security specialists to ensure that our solutions are designed in accordance with the latest information security best practices, in order to meet the unique data protection and regulatory compliance requirements of each clients.

Our security consultants are able to offer a range of services, including but not limited to SIEM solutions, outsourced SOC (Security Operations Centre), vulnerability testing, policy reviews, training for technical and non-technical staff, compliance audits, security certification roadmaps, and technical project delivery resources.

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Clear visibility of costs for a deeper understanding of value

We provide a sophisticated toolset that simplifies the financial management of your cloud environment by providing in-depth analytics and automation capabilities, including the following:

   Greater visibility of your cloud spend in real time, allowing better value for money by comparing costs across multiple platforms

   Increase accountability by enforcing governance policies and allocating costs against internal cost centres

   Improve forecasting by evaluating your budget against actual spend

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