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IAXS logo outlined icon onlyWe’re a next generation cloud technology business, providing the people, tools and platforms to help customers with their digital transformation. At IAXS we’re passionate about unlocking your cloud potential. Cloud technology is the short-cut to a new world of opportunity. To make it happen, you need a team of experts to help you understand what’s possible.

That’s IAXS.

Sam Hudson
Sales Director

When I was young I would never have predicted a career in IT, but my very first job working for an SME IT support provider got me hooked. I love the fast pace of change in this industry, and I love how technology can change lives and transform businesses for the better. My passion has always been helping my customers to understand how to make technology work for them. That’s why I love the Cloud.

The benefits of the Cloud are obvious – we started IAXS to make them more accessible for everyone.        

Dave Mcleod

daI’ve spent over 20 years in the IT managed service arena, building and executing Sales and Marketing plans that have driven solid organic business growth. My passion for this industry saw me co-found Backbone Connect in 2008, an infrastructure managed service provider that was created with the sole purpose of disrupting a marketplace dominated by huge operators and historically poor customer service.

By focusing on quality of service and customer satisfaction, Backbone Connect has achieved rapid growth since its creation and has been recognised as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK. I’m passionate about driving positive business outcomes for our customers through innovative technology solutions and managed services.

That’s where IAXS comes in. For modern businesses, there’s nothing more innovative or exciting than cloud technology. It’s the gateway to realising business ambitions and is a key driver for incredible changes. We set IAXS up to help businesses adopt, optimise and super-charge their cloud journey, and the amazing new technologies that we deal with every day keeps me as passionate about what we can do for our customers as I was 20 years ago.        

Mike Cullen

dsc_9528I’m passionate about all kinds of technology and how it can deliver incredible results to businesses. My background has been as a Technical IT Manager, moving into Business Development for a variety of IT service companies. This allowed me to gain a solid technical understanding of how IT works successfully within a business as well how commercially important it is to have efficient, productive and innovative technology across your organisation.

The cloud is the most exciting technology period ever experienced and I wanted to create IAXS to help businesses not just adopt these incredible products and services but to optimise and mould them to their own requirements. There’s so much on offer from the cloud, we’re here to help businesses through their journey.

I’m also a raw food advocate, but I’m still transitioning to being fully ‘raw’ – its tough!        

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